A Collective Home Decor Haul & House Reno Update

It’s been a while since my last little ‘bits and pieces’ home haul and I’ve been collecting a lot more stuff for our new place. We’re hoping to move in within the next few weeks so I’ll add a little house renovation update at the end for anyone who’s interested. I’ve collected up some of my favourite items for this post and I’ll leave links to everything as it’s all relatively new.

Jones Wall Clock

We bought this clock from Waitrose but the linked one is Argos and pretty much the same. It’s a little flimsy and feels quite tacky but looks really pretty and gives off that vintage look when it’s up. We’re going to be placing it on the wall next to the kitchen island.

Carpeninis Marble Heart Chopping Board


This is actually from a local Abergavenny home shop called Carpeninis. This was one of those things I spotted and then couldn’t stop thinking about so I went back and got it. It has seriously gorgeous crystal, sparkly effects swimming in the marble and will look beautiful on our kitchen surfaces.

Primark Tea towels

You know you’re a tragic person when you get excited about tea towels. My mum bought us these when we first had our kitchen surfaces fitted because she thought they’d match perfectly. Not even ashamed to admit I got overly happy about them.

Next Crackle Vases

I feel so grown up shopping for vases. A new Next Home opened up near me and it was like walking into a dream world. These vases swiftly made it into my shopping basket and I can’t wait to fill them with pretty white faux peonies.

Kate Spade Set Of Three Nesting boxes

These were an early birthday present from the boyfriend as they’re rather expensive for three boxes and something I absolutely love but wouldn’t buy on a whim. They have cute little notes written in the label section and I’ll use them to store beauty products.

Delonghi Vintage Kettle & Toaster

Even since before I had a house, these two beauties were my chosen ones. I’ve always adored them and house of Fraser have them on sale to make everything even more perfect.

Next Laundry basket<br />
Another present from my good old mother, a laundry basket. I think she’s trying to tell me something but either way, I absolutely love this one. It’s a great way to separate your darks and lights whilst still looking tidy.

Now onto a mini renovation catch-up as it’s been so long since my last one. Here are just a few photos of what it’s currently looking like.









Happy Saturday! x

A ‘Hello Autumn’ Wishlist

I’ve missed doing these little wishlists an alarming amount. There’s something therapeutic about collecting up a few of the million things I currently want and then expressing to like-minded, shopping addicts why I need them.
As Autumn has now graced us all, not only is it my favourite time of year in terms of pretty leaves and Christmas/birthday/halloween excitement – it’s also in my opinion when all the best fashion pieces come out to play. Fedoras, faux fur scarves, coats, thick tights, boots and the list goes on.
This year I’m obsessed with black, camel/beige and grey hues and I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces that are available in the shops now.

Missguided Buckled Boots
Ever since I parked my eyes on these babies during my annual online boots hunt, I haven’t got them out of my head. I’ve been looking for some beige heeled boots and I think these are the chosen ones. They’re bargainous too at £34.99 so let’s hope the quality is decent because these will most definitely be worn a few too many times.

Topshop Pussybow Dress
I’ve already bought this online and it’s hopefully making it’s way across to me right about now. It’s just a classic black dress that can be worn with tights and boots, for work or dressed up for an evening out.

Zara Blue Jumper
There’s something summer-esque about the colour of this jumper but I absolutely love it in the Winter also and think this is the perfect mix of cosy but still classy.

Topshop Fedora
Wouldn’t be an Autumn Wishlist without one, the classic fedora. Loving the colour and shape of this one from Topshop.

Whistles Clutch
Another Wishlist, another whistles clutch bag. I’ll take one in every colour please.

Whistles Faux Fur Scarf
There’s a thin line between a gorgeous faux fur scarf and a horrifying one. I think whistles have got it just right with their beautiful almost pinky grey one and if it wasn’t for the price tag of £125, it would be on me right now.

Primark Black Dress
I couldn’t believe that black pencil dress was Primark, it looks a lot more expensive and I’m obsessed with the delicate lace style on it.

Happy Tuesday! x

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow In Andromeda Review



As much as I love NARS, I always navigate towards the face products and their drool-worthy cheek palettes. When the new Dual Intensity Eyeshadows came out I took the plunge and tried out my first ever NARS eyeshadow.
The whole point behind the Dual Intensity launch was to have an eyeshadow that you could just pack on the lids for a subtle look, or one you can apply wet and have the intensity much more pigmentated. Let’s face it, it’s not much of a revelation as I’m sure many of you already dampened your brushes and applied your shimmer shadows wet because it’ll work well with all shadows. However, I liked the idea that maybe these would be even more extreme.
I chose the shade Andromeda which is the perfect pearly pink lid colour that will go with anything in the crease. When the colour is applied dry you get a basic pearly sheen to the lid and when applied wet it’s more intense and more metallic as expected. Did it work any better than your average eyeshadows though? To be honest, I think you get the exact same effect as you would with any other which is disappointing considering the price of these shadows but the shade is beautiful. I maybe should have gone for a more bold shade like a metallic grey to see the full potential.
I can’t complain about the quality of it, it lasts all day on my lids without a primer and doesn’t break up or separate. The colour stays pigmented and it applies really smoothly and buttery which makes me glad I bought it despite the actual marketing point of it letting me down.
I’d remcommend these for the colour selection but if you’re looking for a truly special effect when wet – it might be a little disappointing.

Happy Monday x

A Welcome Back With Hourglass

Well this feels rather strange, after what feels like a lifetime of no posting I’m now back after a few months break. It’s felt like an arm was missing but I’m ready to make up for lost time, just in time for the Christmas season to start (Yes I’ve already dropped the C bomb). Firstly, I’m extremely thankful that people still popped on to read my blog whilst I was gone and secondly I’m chuffed that some even missed my dinky posts. As you can probably imagine after months of not posting I’ve cluttered my brain with a million ideas starting with a little Hourglass haul and review.

Hourglass was one of those brands I always attempted to try out but when it came to it, I was always too overwhelmed with the choice. Quite a few Hourglass products are massive staples in the beauty community and they’re not the cheapest chappies, which makes picking a select few to try such a hard task. I eventually picked out the perfect trio and have been using them for a while.






Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush -Dim Infusion
The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes definitely left a trail of lust after them when they were released to the hounds. After the success of the Ambient Lighting Powders everyone was going to be curious about these, myself included and I hadn’t even tried the powder. I chose the shade ‘dim infusion’ which is mix of subtle corals and pinks swirled together. The product itself is gorgeous, you get a beautiful, natural glow from within look but I personally wish I chose a different shade as it might be just a bit too natural in colour for my liking and I end up packing too much of it on. It’s definitely unlike any other blusher though when it comes to the finish of it and I can’t wait to try some of the more vibrant colours.

Ambient Lighting Powder – Diffused Light
I’m not a massive powder fiend but if you read the reviews for these things, you can’t help but want. I chose diffused light which the one designed mostly to highlight the complexion and catch the light perfectly. I’m one of those girls that tends to buy things because of the hype and they never end up working for me (I still carry on doing it though), but this actually lived up to every single bit of hype. I slap it on after my foundation to set it and I don’t really notice any difference there and then. It’s when I’m out and I check myself out in a public toilet or the car mirror that I notice my skin looks more radiant and ‘put together’. Usually when I look at my face close up in the car mirror in broad daylight I start having a full on break down at my skin and wonder how I thought my make-up looked acceptable when I left the house. When I wear this powder there seems to be less dramatic behaviour in the car park.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
One of the reasons I couldn’t wait to get back into blogging was because of this product right here. Meet my latest number one holy grail beauty product in the entire world. It’s bittersweet seeing as my new miracle product that I’ll have to keep replacing often costs £50 but at least that’s the best £50 I’ll ever spend. I’ve banged on about it before, my skin is an oil slick. Since buying this primer I haven’t had a trace of oily skin, not one trace. I don’t know what or who it is but when I put this primer on and then apply any foundation I like, my skin stays well balanced and normal. I’ve almost forgotten about my oily days. The prime is a little like Benefit Porefessional to the feel but in a watery form. Obviously it might not work for everyone and some may hate the feel of it on their skin but it does something magic for me and it’s now my most loved beauty product.

Overall, I’m super impressed with Hourglass as a brand and look forward to trying some of their eye and lip products. I’ll be posting regularly this week including some Housey updates and hauls.

Happy Sunday, hope you’ve all had a lovely weeknd x

Collective Home Bits & Bobs.

As some of you may already know, the boyfriend and I are doing up a house for us to live in and we’ve been down there every night doing it for around nine whole months now. It’s been such a fun experience and now some of the finishing touches are going in, we can start to think about home decor. We went to Ikea this week and bought a tonne of kitchen essentials and I’ve been collecting some cute little items which I’ll feature in this post.







My favourite of all so far, is the gorgeous large heart candle holder which my mum bought us from Next home, I’m thinking of putting it in the kitchen because it’ll go nicely with the cream cupboards. My mum also bought us the slate heart chalkboard which is from Waitrose/John Lewis because she knows how forgetful we are. The biscuit tin was another gift from her from House Of Fraser.
I’m building up a Yankee candle collection and my favourites are soft blanket and snow in love (don’t even care that it’s ridiculously hot right now and I have a snow candle). The serving bowls, heart ice tray and vintage style mug are all from our recent trip to Ikea. It was so hard to not go overboard and buy everything but we haven’t decided on the theme/style of each room yet in order to get the decor and if I’m honest, I find ikea furniture a little ‘mass-produced’ looking. However I’ll definitely be needing the ever famous MALM table.

Seeing as I haven’t posted my monthly updates on the house lately, I’d cram a mini one into this post, starting with something I’m extremely proud of; my fireplace. It was this horrible glossy white colour and because the fireplace is a gorgeous original feature, we wanted to keep it. I stripped the million layers of gloss paint with paint stripper and a tiny scraper which took days and then sprayed it black with proper wood burner spray. I’m so pleased with the final result.


Another big change is the attic conversion, it’s been plastered and we’re now looking at what flooring to put up there and it’s in need of skirting boards. Here is the before and after because I think the difference is insane.



I’ll be doing a full post on the finished result on our renovation as soon as it’s ready (hopefully soon!!)

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend x

Blue Nail Obsession


This Summer has definitely been a blue one for the nails, particularly pastel ones so I thought I’d share my favourites.

Topshop Disclosed
This has been on my blog a few times now but it’s the most perfect pastel blue colour which pops with a tan. It’s the second nail swatch from my thumb and I think it’s my most loved this Summer. Topshop nail polishes last really well for the price too.

Rimmel Breakfast In Bed
This one is the middle swatch and the most pastel of them all. I adore the name of the polish and Rimmel are one of my favourites for nails.

Rimmel Too Cool To Tango
A true Tiffany blue polish, this is the fourth swatch from my thumb. It’s not as pastel blue as the others, and packs more of a blue shade but it’s a super pretty colour.

Rimmel Sky High
This shade is swatched on my little finger and is arguably a greeny blue. I like to wear this shade when I’m wearing a black outfit because the emerald colour just brings it all together.

Happy Thursday! X

Best Of Elf Cosmetics





When I say ‘Best Of Elf Cosmetics’, as cheap and cheerful as they may be, I haven’t tried anywhere near all of their products so this is a just my favourite bits I’ve tried. It’s only fairly recently I ventured into the world that is Elf, and I’m lucky enough to live near one of the only Elf stores (if not the only one?) which is in Cardiff. It would be almost fair to automatically assume that Elf make-up would be a bit on the crappy side if you look at the prices because it is insanely cheap and the amazing thing is, a lot of the products are just as good as high-end if not better. Here are some of the products I absolutely love.

All Over Colour Stick
I’m just going all out and doing the best one first. This little stick has actually made it into my top 5 products of all time, ever. I honestly can’t believe how beautiful it is for the price of £1.95. One pound, ninety five pence and in my opinion it blows benefit high beam and the likes out of the water. If you wore this as an ‘all over colour’ it would look waaaay too much in the sunlight, but I apply it on my cheekbones and down my nose. It gives the most incredible glowy effect without any intense shimmer and gives a more ‘glow from within’ effect. Every time I look in the mirror with this on, I notice how good my cheeks look. Well done Elf, well done.

Earth & Water Mascara
This comes with both a waterproof and a normal mascara and whilst they’re not the best mascaras I’ve ever tried, for £1.95 you literally cannot go wrong. I was expecting it to be terrible for that price but you’ll get blackness, length and thickness from it just like you would any other mascara. You can’t even get a mascara that cheap from the drugstore/high-street. It’s definitely worth it!

Liquid Liner
Move over collection 2000, this is my new favourite eyeliner. I absolutely love how the nib is so thin and dainty that you can get the most perfect cat-eye flicks out of it. It glides on nicely and lasts decently.

Eyeshadow Books
The elf eyeshadow books are a bargain, you get all those shadows for £8 and they’re all highly pigmented and long lasting. Not to mention the cute little book they come in.

Happy Monday! I’m back to blogging this week with a huge beauty haul, an ikea haul and a nail polish obsession x

New Beauty Releases Lust List

Not all of these products are brand spanking new and have just touched down on the shelves, but they’re all pretty new-ish and products I’ve quite recently spotted. Bobbi Brown is absolutely smashing it with every collection lately. I genuinely can’t think of a collection she’s brought out that I haven’t seriously wanted and the latest is no exception. The surf and sand collection contains two of the most beautiful looking palettes and some gorgeous highlighters.
I’m really interested in Dior and their new fluid lipsticks, not only is the packaging as always, luxurious as hell, the colours also look spot on. I’ve been eyeing up the new ‘it lash’ mascara by Dior since it came out and I’m thinking I might have to try it out.
I’m probably (definitely) too late to get on the MAC Pedro Laurenco bandwagon, let’s face it all of the MAC collections sell out faster than a blogger to a Benefit advent calendar. I’m so gutted I didn’t get any of it because it looks like the best collection in ages.
Chanel, Rimmel, Marc Jacobs and Benefit have also brought out some very interesting products that I’ve whacked straight onto my Wishlist. Now I just need my birthday to come quicker.

Happy Tuesday! x

Magnitone Lucid : Is it worth the dollar?


I was one hell of a happy young lady when an email from Magnitone parked itself into my inbox. I was offered the chance to try out the newest Magnitone Lucid* and share my experience with it to you lovely bunch. I’ve been using it for nearly three weeks now and I’ve given my skin a chance to fully adapt to this new way of being cleansed.

The Magnitone Lucid is a super trendy device that comes in a range of pretty colours and it has two modes in which the brush moves to create different methods of cleansing – a deep cleanse and a sensitive one but to be honest, I just always use the deep cleanse as they’re both pretty gentle on the skin. The Lucid is designed to be used daily and is promising better, brighter and clearer skin in a tiny 7 days.
When my Lucid arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the device (definitely travel friendly) and at how soft the brush bristles were. My skin is probably on the more sensitive side so the thought of having a brush scraping itself across my skin was pretty terrifying. The first few days were a case of my skin getting used to it, I broke out and it seemed like my skin was vomiting out all the grossness and having a good old detox, that sounds disgusting and it looked disgusting at the time but after around 5 days my skin was back to normal but with a much fresher feel. The next week or so was when I started noticing the most improvement, my skin was feeling softer and I had a lot less blackheads around my nose and chin area but I’ve actually found I get the best results from using it 3-4 times a week rather than daily.
The biggest shock I had from using the Magnitone Lucid was how much make-up and grime was still remaining in my pores after hand washing my face despite it looking squeaky clean. This does mean the brush head needs to be changed regularly though.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this little device, but is it worth the money? It’s not something you need right now. However, it’s certainly a nice skincare luxury to have to get an extra glow to your skin and have that extra spa-like deep cleanse. I’d repurchase this if it broke so I think it’s worth the £49.00 price tag. If you’re interested in this product yourself, you can find it here.

Happy Thursday! x

OOTD : Casual Converse


Today’s outfit is super comfy and consists of a pair of Bone Topshop Leighs, an asos striped Cami and my white converse*. I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of converse from Cloggs who are a brilliant shoe website that sell all the big brands like UGG, converse, vans, timberland and so many more. I’ve blogged about them before because I had such an amazing experience with them and I’m proud to mention them again. If you’re looking for a new pair of converse then I highly recommend them, they’re also having a 60% sale right now.
I chose converse because I love the way they bring together a casual outfit and the crisp whiteness of them are perfect for Summer.

Happy Tuesday! x